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Traktor is a user friendly and easy to use software application developed specifically for distributors. Its objective is to enable fast, transparent, and efficient management of the transactions between distributors, delegates and sub-delegates

The ability to collect, store, process and retrieve data in order to obtained meaningful information for fast decision making is the master key to business success.

Keeping tack of all sales transactions, purchase transactions, and expenditure is very important for distributors (our clients)

Business Angel Traktor was developed provide our clients with a way to manage their transactions with efficiency.

Running the distribution business entails covering many locations that are separated. Traktor brings transactions of these locations together.

  • Collecting, storing, processing of distribution data and of business information

  • Track and Monitor Transactions in an efficient, visible and cost effective way

  • Efficient, Visible and Cost Effective way of managing transactions

  • Centralizing business operations to one place, Traktor


Combined 10+ years of experience

Kuaban Godlove S.

Telecom Engineer
B.Eng, M.Eng and PhD (ongoing)
B.Eng from University of Buea 2010-2014
M.Eng from Poland 2015-2017
PhD from Poland 2017-Present

Olouge Eya E.

Software Engineer
B.Eng, MBA and M.Eng (ongoing)
B.Eng from University of Buea 2010-2014
MBA from Saint Monica University 2015-2018
M.Eng from University of Buea 2015 -Present
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